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An Exclusive Fashion Boutique For Little
Girls & The Moms Who Love Them!

Here at Miss Sparkling, we know just how hard you lovely moms work to raise those rambunctious little girls. And we also know that mixing in fun, fashionable yet affordable style can make all the difference in the world when it comes to you and your little one’s overall joy, happiness and zest for life. 

That’s why we truly believe that just because you’ve become a proud and loving mother doesn’t mean that you have to lose your sense of style and fashion that makes you, well, YOU! You can still be that “cool” mom who always looks great yourself, but also dresses your own little girl in such a cute way that it makes her almost impossible to ignore.

Even though we’ve been working successfully in little girl’s fashion now for over 10+ years – we haven’t forgot about you wonderful moms. That’s why here at Miss Sparkling we not only offer some of the most amazing and highest quality clothing for little girls, but we also offer moms something special to wear as well. No matter if it’s a set of really beautiful matching outfits, or something extra special just for you or your little one – we have you both covered (literally). 

At Miss Sparkling, we’re passionate about everything we do and offer. We believe that fashion for both little girls and their proud mothers goes well beyond just clothing. It also allows for a deeper connection and bonding time as well that’s truly priceless. 

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